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Georgia State University Intramural Sports

Sport Registrations

Roster Registrations
Sport Deadline Actions
Kickball 04/14 11:45 PM Join a Team  Set Free Agent Status  Standings & Schedules
Arena Flag Football 04/16 11:45 PM Join a Team  Set Free Agent Status  Standings & Schedules
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All Times in EDT.
Click Create a Team to create a team.
Click Join a Team to join a team.
Click Set Free Agent Status to set your free agent status.
Click Schedules for standings and schedules.

Important Information

  1. Panther ID# = Number on front of your PantherCard (9 digit #, below your name, on your PantherCard. Do not type the dashes)
  2. When it asks for your email, you must use your student email address.
  3. Any sport that lists a "Price", that is for captains of teams only, and can't be paid online.
  4. Only form of payment is a check, and must be delivered to the Intramural office.
  5. You must enter your roster online. Teammates can't join your team at the fields or courts. The deadline to be added to a roster is 2pm of the day of the contest if it occurs Mon-Thur. The deadline is 2pm on Friday if the contest occurs Fri-Sun. You have until the last day of the regular season to add players. Once playoffs start, you can't add new players.

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