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Spring 2017 Phase II:Sand Volleyball Information Page

Registration Period: February 13 - March 5
Divisions Offered: Men, Women, & CoRec
Days of Play: Wednesdays at 6 p.m., starting March 22
Format: 4-person Team; league followed by tournament
Location: Sand Volleyball Courts - Sports Arena

If you are a captain of a team, and want to sign up your team, sign into your account using the link at the top right. If this is your first time, you will need to create a new account. Once you sign in, the "Create Team" link will be in the far right column. Detailed instructions can be found by clicking the link above.

Before the event, you must enter your players into your roster online. Once you create your team, it will give you the option to add players or to invite players to join. At the event, anyone wanting to play must already be on the roster. The deadline to add to your roster is 2pm on the day of the event, up until the last day of the regular season.

Forfeit fee
All teams will be required to pay $30 in the form of a check before the March 7 @ 4:00 pm deadline. All checks should be made out to "Georgia State University". A team will not be allowed to play until the check is received. If a team forfeits, the check will be kept. If the team does not forfeit, the check will be returned to the captain.

MANDATORY TEST ON iCollege(For all captains):
All captains must complete test on iCollege by March 7 @ 11:00pm. Soon after you register, you'll see a link to "Recreation Services - Intramural Sports" on your iCollege home page. Follow the instructions to complete the test.

What are the rules?
To read the rules for this sport, go to Sand Volleyball Rules.

Latest Results from April 19, 2017

Hit that beach 0 (8-11) vs.
Notorious D.I.G. 2 (15-15)
Bump N' Grind 1 (12-15-6) vs.
Notorious D.I.G. 2 (15-12-11)
Sets on the Beach! 1 (10-15-9) vs.
SandCake Boyz 2 (15-8-11)
Hit that beach 2 (14-15-11) vs.
SandCake Patrol 1 (16-5-6)
Gravity Spikes 0 (11-15) vs.
SandCake Boyz 2 (15-17)
Swoosh 2 (15-12-11) vs.
Delta Zeta 1 (8-15-10)
Sets on the Beach 0 (12-11) vs.
Notorious D.I.G. 2 (15-15)
Dream Team 1 (12-15-9) vs.
Sets on the Beach! 2 (15-8-11)
Phi Mu 0 (6-3) vs.
Delta Zeta 2 (15-15)
Let's Talk About Sets Baby! 1 (15-6-7) vs.
SandCake Patrol 2 (13-15-11)
Pi Kappa Alpha 0 (4-9) vs.
Sets on the Beach! 2 (15-15)
Beach Please 0 (7-11) vs.
Swoosh 2 (15-15)
Hit that beach 2 (15-15) vs.
Taitan 0 (6-13)
Pi Kappa Phi 0 (0-0) vs.
Dream Team 2 (1-1)
AOII 0 (4-6) vs.
Beach Please 2 (15-15)
High Impact 0 (10-12) vs.
Bump N' Grind 2 (15-15)
Sigma Nu 1 (14-20-7) vs.
Gravity Spikes 2 (16-19-11)
Phi Mu 2 (16-15) vs.
Zeta Tau Alpha 0 (14-13)
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